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Last week(end)
hampster_cowboy wrote in soul_in_seoul
This past week was midterms, and while most of them went well, some of them definitely could've been better. Next time, I suppose. In order to relieve some of the stress, I decided to head out on Saturday and explore Seoul.
I hopped on the bus with the intention of just going places I hadn't yet. I took the bus to Mapo station, where I got on the subway line six, which I rode until Hangangjin station, with the intention of finding the Harley shop, which I was lead to believe was in the area. It was only a block or two from the station, so I went to check that out; it was pretty typical but still very cool. I decided to try going from Hannam station on line one next, which was also close. However, I couldn't seem to find it, so I just got on a bus headed for Gangnam (turns out I was looking for a subway station and Hannam is above ground... who knew?). I got off by Gangnam station, and although I wanted to look around the area a bit to try and find the Hard Rock Cafe, there was a lot of construction on the main road and it was crowded, so I got back on the subway, and took the green line to Samseong, which is connected to Coex. Coex is a large underground shopping mall, and I'd wanted to visit it for a while now, just to check it out. I ate lunch at the food court, trying a place that had "fusion omurice", I got the pulgogi version. It wasn't very good; instead of using fried rice like typical omurice, the rice was steamed and had all sorts of weird grains in it. Still, it was filling. For those of you wondering, omurice is imported from Japan, it's basically "omelet rice" - an egg covering a bed of fried rice, usually topped with ketchup.
The mall also had the closest thing I've seen to an apple store in Korea (there are no official ones), and Mac OS Leopard had just come in. The box was very shiny, I really wish I could afford it now, seems to have a lot of good upgrades. I can wait, though. After the mac paradise I stopped at a bookstore and bought a Japanese book so I can keep up with it, then decided to head out. I took the subway as far as Yongsan, and from there took the bus back to campus.

For those of you interested, I've started a webcomic that I plan to update about twice a week, assuming I'm not swamped with homework or classes. While many of the comics focus on a character I created, some of them will be (maybe)humorous interpretations of things I've done or seen here in Korea. You can check it out at

That's all for now.

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