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hampster_cowboy wrote in soul_in_seoul
Hey, Happy Halloween everyone!

They don't celebrate it in Korea, so no candy or costuming for me. Instead, I spent Halloween studying and watching Babylon 5. Hope it goes well for everyone else, though!

In other news, I'm likely going to be switching rooms on Friday. Nothing wrong on my end, just a girl down the hall seems to be having problems with her roommate, and I agreed to switch rooms with her. I guess the main problem seems to be that her roommate goes to bed early and she stays out all night, so I think it'll work out fine for me, maybe I can finally start going to bed earlier myself... I definitely prefer that. Hopefully things will go smoothly!

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Hope the new roommate works out well.
Do you even have one right now?

Yes I do, she's in the same program as me and actually goes to Macalester...

B5 = fun times. Which character is your favorite?
Also, I'm missing Halloween too, as I have a night class tonight and an exam tomorrow morning.

Well... So for all I've watched is the first movie and the the first episode, so I haven't really established a favourite per se, although I am disappointed Lt. Cmdr. Takashima didn't seem to carry over to the series, she was pretty cool.

Keep watching. It stays pretty awesome. And yeah, there's a lot of cast changes. First season captain fades out for the most part and gets replaced by someone else, who is fortunately at least as cool. Cast can't seem to pick a telepath and stick with em, either.

But now you've met G'Kar, so you know why I played Narn in Call to Arms. Very cool. They're like the Bajorans, only the guys aren't all metro.

Out of people you've seen on there, I also like Vir Cotto quite a bit. You see more and more in the series that he always goes to do what he feels is right, even if his knees are usually shakin' as he goes. I also like Ivanova, and not just for the pairing with Talia; she's kind of got the female-bishonen thing going on, especially later in the series, a la Juri Arisugawa. And Morden...well, I'll tell you more about what I think of him later.

I don't know if I'd call the narn similar to Bajorans... Maybe Cardassians, only less overtly hostile. I'll keep watching though. I feel like I remember some of this stuff (I did watch it sometimes when it was new...) but I definitely need a refresher.

Except the whole point of both the Bajorans and the Narns is that they'd just thrown off their colonial oppressors and had some societal-psychological complex about it. And they do get that shamany-religious vibe later on in the series.

My bad, I haven't seen enough to fully realize that... Also, favourite character is definitely Garibaldi.

Lol, I guess that makes sense. He's like he got jacked out of some film noir thing and dropped into a space opera. He even does the narration thing at a couple points!

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