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Insadong and Gyeongbokgung
hampster_cowboy wrote in soul_in_seoul
I decided I wanted to go for a walk today, so I headed out with the intention of going to Gyeongbok palace. Unfortunately, there seems to be no pedestrian access through the large tunnel near Ewha University (across the street from where I walk out) and no visible way around. So I was forced to take the bus to the palace. I walked around a bit there, took some pictures of the changing leaves, but it was very crowded and I was too cheap to buy a ticket to go inside. I wanted to keep walking anyway, so I headed to Insadong, the arts district of Seoul. It was quite crowded there as well, but I still liked walking past all the shops with the various Korean souvenirs. There was a tent set up in one of the alleys with free music and tea/coffee, so I had some green tea and listened for a while. It was some sort of traditional flute music, and it was pretty good.
I then went back out on the main road where I was stopped by a couple of girls from Korea University, who wanted to interview me for some sort of assignment. I had nothing better to do, so I went along with it. After that I walked further into the area, when all of the sudden some sort of small parade came through. A bunch of people dressed in traditional outfits, and carrying boxes and playing some music. It was neat to look at. From there I stepped into one of the shops, where I got my first experience of haggling in Korean... I like to think it worked out for me. Before I headed back for campus I bought some pumpkin candy, seemed appropriate for this time of year.

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Like River stumbling into the folk dance on Jiangyin?

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