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hampster_cowboy wrote in soul_in_seoul
So, thursday I decided to go to Changdeok palace. This is the only palace that requires you to follow a tour when you go in, except, of course, on thursdays when it costs five times as much for admission (15,000 instead of 3,000). Lucky for me this counts as a cultural activity and my program will reimburse me for it. It is definitely the most beautiful of the palaces, especially the so-called "secret garden" in the back.

Saturday I headed out with my sketchbook, planning to stop and get some coloured pencils before going to Sajik park and drawing. I took the bus to Insadong for the stationary store across the street, but you can't go near Insadong without walking inside for a bit...
Look what I found:

As I was walking to the park afterwards, it started raining so I just got on the bus back to campus.

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Partying with the Rivera Family!

Hi Tash were here at Pam's hanging out with family, having a grand time, creating new memories. I hear you are coming back to the good olde USA! Cannot wait to meet you some day. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :^)

Joyce Malko

Pam says I love you!

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