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Four Weekends To Go
hampster_cowboy wrote in soul_in_seoul
Well, this weekend turned out not at all as I expected/planned. But I promised to post about something interesting, so I went out and made my weekend fun. Of course, that meant another weekend hanging out toute seule, but that seems to be how I roll anyway.

The plan on Friday was to go to Lotte World since classes were cancelled due to Entrance Exams, but that fell through when the sky opened up. I instead opted to go to Yongsan, my favourite hangout, and take care of some French homework. This involved seeing the film "La môme" (called "La vie en rose" in both the US and Korea) which was a dramatic biography of the singer Édith Piaf. It was pretty good, but over two hours long. Still, it was the first movie I've seen since coming to Yonsei, and it was nice to be in a theatre again. Afterwards I went back to my dorm, and with awesome timing - about 5 min. after I got inside I heard thunder and could see bright flashes of lightening, and it sounded like it was coming down pretty hard. Later that evening, my former roommate called me and wanted to take me out to dinner, so of course I went. We went with another friend to a restaurant in Hongdae called "Dos Tacos" and all had burritos and nachos. It was really good, I haven't had a burrito in a long time. A little on the spicy side, but not overly so. Afterwards we were going to get ice cream, but found Mr. Donut instead. First time I'd seen one of those since Japan, so I got a few for Saturday's breakfast. Instead of ice cream we got drinks at Starbucks, I got a nokcha frappucino (sp?), basically a green tea smoothie. Better than I expected, I won't lie.
Saturday I was supposed to go bungee jumping, but since it still looked like rain, that got cancelled. It's too bad, because it ended up being a really nice day. I decided to go take care of more French homework by going to the Seoul art museum for an exhibition on Vincent Van Gogh. It was the opening day, so naturally it was packed. I followed the crowd through, admiring the works as best I could. After I made it through that ruckus, I decide to go across the street to Deoksu palace. I got there just as a changing of the guard ceremony was taking place, so I watched that. It was pretty interesting. I went inside and wandered about for a while afterwards, then headed back to Sinchon. When I got out of the subway, I decided to stop at Caribou, where I ran into someone who had been on the summer program with me, but I hadn't seen since august. He's also studying at Yonsei this semester, but only the intensive Korean program, which I'm not a part of, so we hadn't run into each other. We probably won't again before I leave, but it was nice catching up.
Today was when I had originally planned to do all my french work, so I had it free as well. It was the warmest day in a while, so I ended up going to Lotte World on my own again. This time it's dressed up for Christmas, and while I tried to get on a bunch of rides, I actually had more fun watching/listening to the various band performances. Jazz versions of Christmas carols = Awesome. I decided to try ice skating this time too, and to my surprise, I didn't fall. Not even once. I actually skated rather well, which is odd, since I haven't been to an ice rink in years, and I'm pretty sure I was awful. Good times though.


Ooh, shiny...

Mexican food, one of those rare delicacies in Korea.

Why should I stop making my own birthday cake?

A changing of the guards ceremony at Deoksu palace. That short building on the left is City Hall.

One of the main buildings of Deoksu Palace

This kind of photo only happens in Seoul

The coolest ride ever. Well, maybe not ever, but it was awesome.

I'm pretty sure I was the only one in the audience who actually knew the words to these songs.

The view from on the rink.

The Girl Raccoon mascot of Lotte World.

Yay big giant trees!


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