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Picture Post!
hampster_cowboy wrote in soul_in_seoul
I've hardly considered the fact that what I feel is mundane might actually be interesting to everyone else, just because this is Korea. In that fashion, I'm presenting a bunch of photos of things that I do when I have free time. As usual, click to see larger versions and descriptions.

Christmas decorations inside COEX mall in Samseong.

The inside of Myongdong Cathedral, main congregation of the Seoul Archdiocese.

Samgyeopsal. A kind of Korean bacon, one of many foods traditionally cooked at the table. Plenty of garlic and onions for flavor. Delish.

More of the table, complete with the panchan (side dishes) which were uber plentiful at this particular restaurant.

Kind of fuzzy, but this is a typical menu. This one was on the wall of a donkkase (fried pork cutlet) shop.

A view from the bus stop at Ewha University's back gate, the closest one to my dorm.

The interior of a typical Seoul city bus.

Traffic on your average Saturday afternoon.

One of many outdoor food stands outside Yongsan station. This is Korean fast food.

My favorite place to hang out... lol

A Japanese-style ramen (not ramyeon) shop inside Yongsan station.

Complete with those yellow radish pickles I love so much...

These are everywhere, and with good reason. They make the tastiest fruit yogurt ever.

Just a street sign...

The presidential election is on the 19th, and I've only seen these campaign signs since about late November. I really haven't seen or heard any other kinds of campaigning either. Quite different from the US, isn't it? What's most different is definitely the fact that there are 12 candidates to choose from even now.

Seoul Station - Taken from across the street. This is the older building; the newer one looks like Yongsan, because it's also a mall.

The inside of the metro on a not very crowded day.

And if you're interested in some "artistic" photos that I've been making here, check out my gallery at .

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Looks like a pretty interesting place to live

You think so? I guess it really is.

Also, they remind me of the Kare Kano ending. :/

Really? I guess that makes sense... Kinda.

Cinderella meets Christmas?
And that barbecue (?) looks really good.

Your guess is as good as mine.
I guess samgyeopsal is kinda barbecue, but not really. It is damn tasty. If I can find it in the TC, I will take you with me.

That'd be nice.
BTW, I feel like a crap friend for waiting so long (although I originally thought I'd have until May...), but I was hoping to send you a letter before you leave. Do I still have time?

I wouldn't send anything. The last letter I got was sent almost a month before it arrived, and I have less than two weeks. No worries. ^.^

I guess I'll just have to make up for it with some quality hanging out when you get back.

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