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Snow Day!
hampster_cowboy wrote in soul_in_seoul
We had a farewell dinner at a fancy restaurant in Insadong last night. It was traditional Buddhist temple food, and was founded by a former monk. There was also a performance at a stage in the centre of the restaurant, featuring several traditional Korean dances and drumming. It's probably the last time everyone in our program will be together, so it was kind of sad, but still fun.
Afterwards a few of us walked to city hall via a walk along a stream, which was surrounded on both sides by colourful Christmas lights. It was the first time it really felt like december to me.
At city hall they had an ice rink set up, which was free to use, and cost 1000 won for skate rental. So most of us hit the ice; snow was falling in puffy flakes, it was such an ideal night. We then split off again, and I went back to the dorm with the other girls, having a nice adventure finding a bus to take us there around midnight.


The meal

Ting and I at the rink

Teaching some new moves...

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Trying to hide that you're giving in to the required V-fingers?

Psshh. I never hide it. Probably a coincidence.

Cool to see you're hangin out with people and stuff. Is this Ting your roommate? Or is she some other person? She hasn't come up before.

Oh, she's one of the other people in my program, she goes to the University of Colorado.

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